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Grumpy Doc by Flameshadow117
Grumpy Doc
Doc Cochran from Deadwood is my new favorite Brad Dourif character :meow:

I loves him!! :la::love:

He is so grumpy. But he's only grumpy because there is so much suffering in the world, and he has the biggest softest heart. :C D'aaawwww!!! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
Fenna Meets a Wraith by Flameshadow117
Fenna Meets a Wraith
Another submission for the Meeting Other Aliens contest at :iconstargatewraithfans:

I originally wanted to draw Ganjamira's Wraith OC, Sid, meeting my Alien OC, Fenna, because they're both weirdly adorable for their species... but instead I just drew Fenna attacking a random Wraith... because I need more violence :XD: 

...but look at how cute Sid is! Ahhhgg!!! 
Good Morning Sir! by GanjamiraFishing with O'Neill by Ganjamira
I might have to make a THIRD entry just to draw Sid being cute and awkward with Fenna >__>
Wraith vs Alien by Flameshadow117
Wraith vs Alien
a Xenomorph from the Alien series, posturing against a Wraith from Stargate Atlantis. For the Meeting Other Aliens Contest over at :iconstargatewraithfans:

I feel like the alien should be bigger? But... let's just say it's a baby? >_>
I freaking love Brad Dourif. You may have noticed by the constant fanart of his characters from Lord of the Rings, Alien Resurrection, and Voyager I've been posting. 

I've watched a lot of stuff just because he's in it, and most of it is... well, it's terrible. I thought it might be entertaining for me (and maybe for you) to review those experiences. other words, I watch crappy movies so you don't have to! 

Once Upon a Time-- TV, Guest Star
Character: Dourif plays Zoso, "The Dark One" who is the predecessor of Rumpelstiltskin. His role is brief, but pretty badass. He poses as a sad old man, but it turns out he was the magical evil guy all along! 
Hotness Meter: Oh, he's so old looking in this one! I mean, he's 62, and he's disguised as an old beggar man, soooo....
The show on the whole: Hit or miss. I love the concept of fairy tale characters forced to live in "our world," and season 1 is a hoot. The later seasons have me vacillating between thinking, "this is the shittiest soap opera I've ever seen" and, "OMG I CANNOT STOP CRYING I LOVE THIS SHOW!" 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D-- TV, Guest Star
Character: Thomas Nash, suspected to be psychic leader of evil badguys, "the Clairvoyant." When they find him, he's paralyzed in a wheelchair, and uses computers to talk, Stephen Hawking-style. 
Hotness Meter: Well, he's rather old, and paralyzed... but he does some really menacing glaring with those cold blue eyes of his. Plus he does the voiceover work for the computers, which is fun, semi-digitized taunting. 
Show on the whole: I watched almost the entire first season. While I love Agent Coulson, and Joss Whedon, and the Marvel movies... I can't bring myself to give any craps about the characters. The way they bring Coulson back to life was cheap, and reminded me of Ripley's clones in Alien Resurrection ("Kill meee!"). We get it Joss, people would rather die than be resurrected. 

Character: "The Man"-- a scientist with an unexplained fixation for lobotomizing people, and tormenting them in a Saw-eque fashion to get them to give up their vices. 
Hotness Meter: Despite being 63... still pretty hot. All he has to do is slick back his hair, put on a lab coat, and get menacing with medical equipment, and I'm all a quiver. 
Movie on the Whole: Not terrible, actually! Definitely B-Movie horror stuff with a bland, if troubled, protagonist, but I could sit through the whole thing without squirming. Some good old fashioned mind-fucking, and violence. Add Brad Dourif being a Class A creeper, and you've got a film! 

Fading of the Cries
Character: Mathias, the Necromancer (which everyone infuriatingly pronounces Matt-eye-as and ne-CROM-ahn-sir). He has a tragic backstory where his wife and child were killed, and he learned the art of necromancy to try to bring them back. He succeeded briefly, but the town decided he was an evil witch who must be stopped, and he watched them die a second time. He swore revenge on the whole town, and then some convoluted stuff with teenagers and zombies happened. 
Hotness Meter: Looks like older Wormtongue with eyebrows. Oh Brad, why are you getting old? He's still pretty sexy when he gets menacing though. 
Movie on the Whole: There is really no reason to see this movie other than a fervent love of Brad Dourif. It's similar in quality to Prophecy 3-- a lot of supernatural stuff, and teenager romance. It's actually great if you like riff-tracking, because there are so many "really??" moments. There are zombies that are inexplicably able to climb stairs, yet cannot handle ladders or bodies of water. 

Deadwood-- TV, Regular
Character: Doc Cochran, the camp's phsyician. He's the town's moral compass, and pretty much the only character who you know is never out for some selfish, murderous ulterior motive. Rather "against type," in that sense. Though, he gets really pissed off all the time, because he wants people to not get killed, and they do, so he's basically yelling at people constantly, when he's not being compassionate and adorable. 
Hotnes Meter: I thought the horseshoe mustache would be a big turn-off, but it fits with the whole wild west thing. He's got an adorable old-scruffy-frontier doctor cuteness to him. 
Show on the Whole: Interesting show! It took me awhile to get into because, despite being filled with gratuitous sex, violence, and vulgarity, the actual plot is slow-paced, and full of subtle politics and social intrigues. Very historical and dark. Worth a watch! 

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Character: Grima Wormtongue, the traitorous counselor to Theoden King who used his poisonous words to keep the king under the wizard Saruman's spell. He did it all because he coveted Eowyn, the king's beautiful and strong niece.
Hotness Meter: Oh my gosh, the intensity of his lust for Eowyn is really sexy, and great fodder for smutty fanfiction. He's supposed to be ugly, and they do a good job with makeup-- shaving off his eyebrows, making his skin pale, teeth yellow, under eyes red, hair disheveled and greasy. Still, he's got those amazing eyes, and even with the icky makeup, he's so seductively evil it's hard not to be attracted. 
Movie on the Whole: Yes, you should see the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Maybe skip The Hobbit, but the original trilogy is everything you could want in an action-fantasy-adventure, plus it was pretty ground breaking in terms of effects. 

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent
Character: Nameless Zealot. He shoots someone, because the voices tell him to! Then the voices tell him to kill himself, and he does. 
Hotness Meter: Eh. I'd still do him, because I love Dourif so very much. But he's basically a really creepy religious zealot who shoots people because the voices said so. 
Movie on the Whole: Pretty meh. B-Movie stuff involving angels and prophecies, and a romance between two dull protagonists. Still, Christopher Walken is in it, and he's pretty funny as a cynical angel forced to live as a human, and it has its moments. It would have been nice if Dourif's character hadn't killed himself 15 minutes in.

Alien Resurrection
Character: Dr. Jonathan Gediman, one of the scientists who resurrects Ellen Ripley by cloning her (with a little extra alien DNA). He's the most compassionate of the science team, crying when they use facehuggers on human "test subjects." He also seems to have the hots for aliens, making out with one through a viewing window, and calling a freaky human-alien hybrid a "beautiful butterfly." 
Hotness Meter: So hot! Just put him in a lab coat, and mrow! His metal ponytail holder is weird, but then so is the character. He's so sweet, and compassionate, while also being a big creeper. The perfect Dourif character! 
Movie on the Whole: Sadly, one of the worst of the Alien series. Bad CGI, slow pacing, lackluster dialogue which under-utilizes the rather all-star cast. However, I love the dangerous, predatory attitude of the alien-infused Ripley clone, and there's plenty of action and gore to go around!  

Character: Duty Doctor. I could *almost* make out his nametag, I think it may have read Dr. Ian something. A rather snarky doctor who may be on, or dealing drugs. 
Hotness Meter: It's Brad, in the 90's, as a doctor. The extreme hotness goes without saying. Sadly, his role is fairly small. He laughs sarcastically, and it was adorable. He so rarely laughs, playing evil people most of the time. 
Movie on the Whole: This serial killer horror, set largely in a hospital morgue, is fairly suspenseful and creepy. It has one of those casts where every single actor you know you've seen somewhere before, including a very young Ewan McGregor. Not "great" cinema, but worth the watch for a horror flick. 

Star Trek: Voyager-- TV, Guest Star
Character: Crewman Lon Suder, a psychopathic Betazoid. Most Betazoids can sense other people's emotions, he can't even sense his own. He joined up with the Maquis so he could kill Cardassians, releasing his violent urges. Once trapped on Voyager, it was only a matter of time before he snapped an killed a crewmate. He reveals that he has tried several forms of therapy to relieve his condition, and nothing has worked. He agrees immediately to a mind-meld with Tuvok when he finds out it could help him control his impulses. 
Hotness Meter: The hottest! He's dark, and cold, showing no remorse for killing. He understands violence intimately. Yet, he doesn't like being a killer. After the meld, he's terrified of losing control again. Just makes you want to snuggle him! 
Show on the Whole: Probably the worst of the Star Treks in terms of plot, yet somehow the most lovable. The crew make the show enjoyable, and all the characters share fun dynamics. Robert Picardo, as the ship's EMH, is the most popular Star Trek Doctor. Jayneway, B'Ellana Torres, and Seven of Nine fill the ship with strong women, too.   

Babylon 5-- TV, Guest Star
Character: Brother Edward, a kind, selfless, and generous monk, who starts having disturbing flashbacks to another life. He discovers he was "The Black Rose Killer," Charles Dexter, who murdered 9 women before being caught and sentenced to "death of personality" via mindwipe. 
Hotness Meter: I find religious zealotism a big turn off, plus I think monks are celibate? Still, the innocent monk discovering a dark past and suffering a massive guilt trip is rather endearing. You may want to snuggle. 
Show on the Whole: I confess, I haven't seen most of the show, but I've only ever heard great things. Plus, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was fantastic, and that was a shameless rip-off of Babylon 5. I'd recommend it! 

Death Machine
Character: Jack Dante, psycho man-child hacker/inventor who created a giant evil "death machine" robot, the War Beast. When his new boss, the babe-a-licious Hayden Cale, fires him for being a psycho man-child who tortures people for science, he sets loose the War Beast to kill off everyone. Except maybe Hayden, whom he would like to "interface with" first. Or kill her. Or get in her pants. Or kill? 
Hotness Meter: Pretty hot, in a porn-obsessed man-child who uses a lot of 90's lingo sort of way. He's soooo evil and smart though. I just want to grab that long hair and---- *cough* excuse me. 
Movie of the Whole: Very low-budget B-Movie... it's a 1994 sci-fi that I first assumed was a 1984 sci-fi. Still, a bumbling cop shouts "HOLY DONUTS!" before being crushed to death by a robot falling off a sky-scraper... sooo it has its moments. Plus, Brad Dourif is the main villain and is there throughout the whole film, and he's always fun to watch.

The X-Files-- TV, Guest Star
Character: Luther Lee Boggs, a serial killer. Kills because he likes it. Mulder put him away years ago, but since a near death experience Boggs claims to have the power to talk to spirits. He convinces Sculley he is in contact with her recently-deceased father, and tries to help her solve a case, hoping to get his death sentence remitted. 
Hotness Meter: Kind of sexy, kind of gross? He's got his hair all curly and wild, and spends most of the episode crying, which makes him huggably pathetic. He also has KISS KILL tattooed on his knuckles, and other prison tattoos, which is a little too grungy for my taste. And his crazy talking-to-spirits behavior is a little too weird to be hot. 
Show on the Whole: If you haven't seen the X-Files, then do it. Do it now! It's on Netflix and I know if you don't have it yourself, you're stealing it from a friend. The X-Files is the iconic sci-fi drama of the 90's, a bit like the Twilight Zone of its time, but with an ongoing plot. 

The Exorcist III
Character: The Gemini Killer. Or rather, the spirit of the Gemini Killer that has taken possession of, and brought back from the dead, the body of Father Damien Karras. He likes to drain people's blood, and rip their heads off, and all that fun stuff! 
Hotness Meter: Full on curly hair in this role, and he's so young and cute, too! The creepy, disturbed thing might be considered kind of hot, in some circles, though he's a little too evil-for-the-sake-of-evil. I don't like how they either voiced him over or digitally deepened his voice. It's supposed to be demonic, but it's weird, and less sexy than his real voice. 
Movie on the Whole: Snore. I like how they brought back characters from the original exorcist, and Brad Dourif was great as the villain, but it's so slow paced. There are a few murders here and there, but they're neither gory nor startling. It's just like, "Oh look. He's dead." There is some genuinely creepy footage involving possessed old people by the end of the movie, but they get ham-handed over-using the same scare. 

Spontaneous Combustion
Character: Sam, an everyman school teacher, getting through a divorce but enjoying time with his new girlfriend. When things start randomly catching on fire around him, he finds out his birth parents were part of a nuclear experiment, and he has the power to set things ablaze. 
Hotness Meter: Totally adorable, with curly hair, and a sweet personality. As the movie progresses, and his body starts burning up, he gets more and more crazy, and physically covered with wounds. 
Movie on the Whole: Way better than I expected, for an obscure B-Movie. The opening scenes, with the 1950's post-war nuclear experiments, reminded me of Fallout. His relationship with his girlfriend is adorable, and sometimes hilarious, as he confesses that he loves her while periodically bursting into flames. I also assumed this would be more of a "superpower" film, but when he lights on fire, the consequences are permanent, gruesome (if B-movie quality) burns. 

Murder She Wrote-- TV, Guest Star
Character: Dr. Warren Overman, an exorcist who turns out to be a scam artist. He's not in much of the episode. 
Hotness Meter: I find religiousity a turn-off, but he was looking good in a suit and tie, and basically acted like an angry jerk the whole time. So, depends on if you find jerks hot. 
Show on the Whole: There's a reason Murder She Wrote was on TV for over 10 years. A sassy, older woman mystery novelist with a knack for solving crimes, who has an unusual abundance of friends and family who are close to murders the cops can't handle. Also, Bill Maher guest starred in the same episode as Brad Dourif. Bill Maher with a mullet may be worth the episode. 

Child's Play
Character: Charles Lee Ray, or "the Lakeshore Stranger" was a serial killer who knew stuff about Voodoo. Fatally shot, he puts his spirit into a children's doll, and becomes the legendary "Chucky" we've all been scared of since we were kids. 
Hotness Meter: Well, Dourif himself is pretty cute, with long brown hair, but he's only in about 5 minutes of the movie. The doll isn't very attractive though, and that's what the next 5 movies are going to be. 
Movie on the Whole: I've always liked the Chucky movies. I watched Bride of Chucky in theaters when I was 10. Good stuff. Classic campy-horror. The movies only get more funny and gratuitously violent and sexual as time goes on. 

Character: Piter De Vries. A Mentat-- a human who has undergone mental training so his brain is basically a computer. He's a "twisted" mentat, making him an amoral sadist, employed by the "bad guys" of the film. He has some unwanted sexual feelings toward a female protagonist, which he doesn't like because it messes with his mental abilities. 
Hotness Meter: On paper, sounds really hot. I love genius psychopaths. But... um... the eyebrows. Dune seems really good at making people ugly. Even people as hot as Brad Dourif. 
Movie on the Whole: Ok, so this is a major sci-fi classic. It's a staple of 20th century science fiction/fantasy. But oh my GOD it is so boring. My boyfriend had me watch the extended cut, which is an hour longer than the theatrical version. Had to stretch it over 3 days because I kept falling asleep. It is so dense, and complicated, if you miss one little snippet of dialogue you're going to be totally lost. 

Character: Younger Brother. You'd think, being unnamed, that he'd be a smaller role. He's actually one of the main characters! First he stalks a celebrity, goes on one date with her, gets dumped, then joins a civil rights terrorist group. 
Hotness Meter: My god, he has a bowtie and a boater hat. It is so freaking cute I just can't even! Plus, he's about 30, so he's young and adorable, but not like scrawny-baby young. Seriously... so sexy. And he's slightly less crazy than his usual roles. 
Movie on the Whole: A classic. An interesting look at a very tumultuous period in time. I was disappointed that this wasn't the musical, but it was still a good, serious movie. 

Wise Blood
Character: Hazel Motes, recently back from serving in the army. Decided that he hates God and religion, and tries to form the Church Without Christ. He does a lot of shouting. Also, it's very southern, and everyone uses the N-word a lot. 
Hotness Meter: Anything to do with religion turns me off, and this is no exception. Also, one of the first things Hazel Motes does is get the number of a prostitute off a bathroom wall, and then goes and sleeps with said gross hooker. I mean, I have nothing against prostitution, but bathroom-advertised prostitution is a little grungy. That said, Brad delivers an amazing and intense performance throughout. 
Movie on the Whole: Confession-- I never finished it. Despite being a Criterion Collection film, and thus supposedly being "good," I found the characters weird and unlikable, the dialogue rambley and nonsensical, too much southern racism, and too much "I hate God" Hollywood atheism. It was just weird. 

And that's all I've seen so far! Wow!

20 TV episodes/movies, and counting. Got two more at least on Netflix :)
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