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I had a dream about him last night. Wonderful! And not even a specific character, either. It was kinda based on his X-Files character, because Mulder was there, and he had his curly hair out, but it wasn't exactly Boggs. It was so... adorable... and creepy at the same time!! :heart::heart::heart:

Another observation: if you watch a bunch of stuff just because Brad Dourif is in them, you see alot of really good TV series episodes, and alot of really shitty movies. 

Not to say that he has anything to do with them being shitty. On the contrary, he's usually the best part. But seriously.

Exorcist 3: the unnecessary sequel in which most of the movie is people talking. And then discovering someone has been murdered off camera. Then talking. Of course, when the Gemini killer is talking it's like, "Squee! Omgz u r so creepy!!"

Death Machine: the 1994 sci-fi B-movie that looked and felt like a 1984 sci-fi B-movie. I actually just fast forwarded to the parts with Jack Dante and I don't think I missed anything. The plot was that riveting. Though (after acclimating to the long 80's hair) I really enjoyed Brad's character. His tantrum, "You're making me kill you for a stupid reason!" to his unrequited love was perfect. Oh Dante... I would do you. 

Wise Blood: Nope. Couldn't even do it. I watched about 20 minutes, and after he stalked a blind preacher and his daughter across town to randomly give her a potato peeler, and then went to an ugly hooker who's number he found in a bathroom stall... I had to stop. They really used Brad to his fullest potential though, there was so much intensity and... weirdness... in the role. But it just crossed a creepiness threshold for me. Serial killers, no problem. Religious rants and gross prostitutes? Noooo. I probably would have stuck with it if the dialogue wasn't so rambley and nonsensical. 

Ragtime was actually pretty good. And Brad's character is only a little bit crazy in that. 

Then there were his TV guest appearances... the three I've seen were all from major Sci-Fi hits of the 90's: Babylon 5, X-Files, and ST:VOY. In all three he played a serial killer who had been caught, and was repentant for his crimes in some way, and then dies in the end. And yet... they were all such different roles. And I love them all! 

How many roles have I seen him in where he's killed multiple people? Gemini, Luther Lee Bogs, Lon Suder, Brother Edward, Jack Dante.... I guess Gediman doesn't kill anybody, unless you count deformed clones. And neither does his Ragtime character, unless you count providing weapons. HMM. 

....I don't know when I'm going to burn out. I think I've seen most of the major stuff he's been in, which is a little sad. I mean, at least everything pre-2000, when he's still hot and not too old mannish. Like, I could watch Deadwood, but.... such old. Much sad. Actually, I just don't like him with facial hair lol. I'll go back to the 90's, thanks. I'm still waiting to get my hands on Lord of the Rings though, so... yaaay Wormtongue! 
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Woo big gallery purge. Just put about 200 deviations in storage. Now there's slightly less embarrassing art in there!
Suder stamp by Flameshadow117
Suder stamp
"You're right, it is disturbing - never knowing when that impulse may come, or whether or not you can control it when it does. You live on the edge of every moment. And yet, in its own way, violence is attractive too. Maybe because it doesn't require logic. Perhaps that's why it is so liberating."
I leave you for a few month, DA, and what is going on with my profile? Is there some kind of newsfeed now? I feel so old, I do not like changes. :C

Just a quick update, I guess. My tablet has died, and I've pretty much stopped drawing. I'm not too worried, I've gone through "dry spells" before. Similarly, my time on DA is limited to checking a few comics... Maybe I'll be back for real one day! I'm busy writing a Star Trek Voyager fanfic at the moment, and being in love with Brad Dourif. 

Seriously though. Brad Dourif, you guys. Okay, he's a bit past his prime now, but go watch anything he's in from the 90's or prior. My. Gawd. He is the sexiest creeper-- oh, yeah, did I mention he *mostly* plays crazy weirdos? Yeaah. But trust me, if you find sociopaths attractive... Brad Dourif. <3

One more interesting fact: I spent over 100 hours on Dragon Age: Inquisition in the course of a month. 
  • Mood: Aroused
  • Playing: Mass Effect


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